on the sea

094 104 120 254 335 379 388 411 418 453I am fascinated by the sea. Every year, when I return with the people in my family (this year with around 20 of them) to it, I am reminded by this. While, sadly, many seem to blur the reason the beach is called relaxing in the first place with primarily tourism purposes, it is not hard to peel back the thin layer and understand. There is so much to take in that is beautiful, not meaningless trying to be some type of beautiful. There is early morning bike rides and afternoon bike rides on hidden paths, there is the splashing salt water on your skin, there is glistening lights on the docks at night, there is reading an old Gone With The Wind copy on the porch at night time. There is so much. Yet, above all there is the sea. The sea, that bursts and waves and splashes and beats and goes on and on. Nothing in nature is quite like it and its vastness. The sea reminds me of life, and of us, and the way that we go. As long as I have lived, I’ve written about the ocean and the way it puts me under its spell and I am afraid I shall never stop. But then again, neither shall the waters. Neither shall time.


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