so we beat on

006 IMG_5834 IMG_5855 IMG_5956 IMG_6070 IMG_6071 IMG_6082 IMG_6105It’s spring now. The tulip tree is blooming in our yard the same way it always does. It blooms first but loses it blossoms first as well. It symbolizes the beginning of everything new. It also, I suppose, shows how fast that all goes away. That’s the thing about beginnings, they always have endings. But endings always have beginnings as well, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

The other night I finished The Great Gatsby again and it reminded me of the first time I read it last summer at the beach when I never wanted summer to end. Last time I was on a balcony in the darkness with the sea crashing in the distance; this time I was in the fading sunset by a playground while I read. It was the same playground I went to when I was in first grade. When I sat staring at the empty place, remembering a young me swinging there nine years before for the first, it made me sentimental. The book reminded me of an ending, the playground reminded me of a once-beginning. My personal favorite quote from Gatsby is the simple “So we beat on” from the last paragraph. It sums it all up: The American Dream, life, time. It just keeps on going and we keep on searching. We keep on beating, with the waves of time that will never cease to beat in and out on the shore of this life. There are beginnings and endings and that’s just the way it is. All I seem to write about is beginnings and endings, but that’s the way it is.

It’s beginning now and that’s the way it is.


One thought on “so we beat on

  1. This is something I keep on contemplating nearly everyday! How all things is begin, change and pass away before we have even begun to appreciate them! That’s so like me to be sitting in our back yard, gazing at the sunset, thinking about all the times I’ve sat there in years past, how much has changed in my life, how very different everything looks, how I will be thinking of this very moment as a past memory in a few years, how everything will one day end and dissolve into eternity with God. Glad I’m not the only one :).
    btw I love your style of writing and the blog! ❤ SO MUCH.

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