024 (1)042IMG_3086070010042 (1)048IMG_3129January was:

Sledding. Lots of sledding.

Random last minute adventures such as running to Target from Fro-yo’s to find it closed and accidentally going to a 70th birthday party for a random guy when we thought we were in the room for my friend’s 16th.

Walking through my city.

Baking cakes and pies with following two am conversations.

Learning to tie up dried-up hair, to savor warm tea, and baking warm bread.

Being sick yet drinking homemade ginger tea.

Listening to music as the world passed by from the car window.

Walking to the neighbors on the snow-covered streets in the falling snow.

Walking in downtown Gatlinburg in the mountain cold.

Re-tracing memories in my heart and onto notebook paper.

The excitement of snow-days.

Waking up every morning wondering when I’ll hear the first bird of spring sing.


January was more than the calm and nostalgic season that it’s been before. I’ve been learning to keep living and the beauty that comes from simply that is blinding.


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