on thanksgiving week


I’m thankful for American history and for the brave soles that came to American despite the failure of Roanoke colony, the fact they didn’t turn back, and the harvest in 1621 in which the Pilgrim’s celebrated all that. I’m thankful for the fact they ate corn and turkey and created what is Holiday food today.

I’m thankful for walks in the cold like the one we took tonight: it was drizzling rain just a bit, the tree’s loomed over the purple foggy sky, the road glimmered with the reflection of the street lights, and for feeling enchanted on days like that.

I’m thankful for the 26 letters of the alphabet for creating words and stories. I’m thankful for the ability to re-arrange them until my head hurts but something of art is created.

I’m thankful for stories like the ones that taught me what myths are and how I wanted to write my own. I’m thankful for J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis and J. K. Rowling for being genius, first name abbreviated, fantasy story-tellers that wrote like no one’s business. In the same sense, I’m thankful for movies that blow your mind and the smell of popcorn in movie theaters.

I’m thankful for photography, especially this year. What began as taking photos to raise money for my mission trip turned into a year of a business beginning and I couldn’t have a planned a more perfect first year. I’m thankful for my mom to driving me to every photo shoot, even when they were up to 45 minutes away, and enduring my grouchiness afterwards.  I’m thankful for the people who let a teenage girl photograph them when they could have had anyone. I’m thankful for every single photograph.

I’m thankful for night drives when the city lights seem like blurs of forever and the music is so loud it enlightens your soul in a happy way that also makes you sad.

I’m thankful for the wide world for existing so vast it seems my feet will never walk all it’s corners. I’m thankful airplanes exist and have flown me places my feet would’ve never tread on their own. I’m thankful for the fact I haven’t been everywhere and still get the wonder of exploring more.

I’m thankful for the dried bouquet of flowers on my shelf that I picked on my favorite day of living ever and for the fact when I smell them it brings me back to where I left my heart.

I’m thankful for friends for laughing at jokes that make no sense in inside-joke code. I’m thankful for our bible study with dry donuts and off topic discussions and our lovely prayer cup. I’m thankful for friends who just understand you even when you make no sense. I’m thankful for the people who are still my friends even after they realize how odd I am sometimes. If any of you guys are reading this right now, you should know who you are and know I love you very much.

I’m thankful for the family: for my Mother who taught me everything I know from walking to washing the dishes to dealing with life’s woes, for my Dad who has talked wisdom into me and whom the Lord has given the gift to bless so many, for Josh who taught me more that he’ll ever know and has given me almost all of my favorite memories, and I’m thankful for Seth for his drawing contests and his imagination and teaching me how to be five again.

Most of all, I’m thankful for the truth that sets me free every day, no matter who I am.


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