enter ‘the pup’

001 003 005 006 009 (1) 014 016026OBI OBITWEO 058I should clarify that two weeks ago I claimed not be a dog person and questioned their existence. Now, two weeks of dog-owning later, I still am not a dog person and still question their existence. However this dog, officially named Obi and unofficially nicknamed ‘the pup’ by me, was my younger brother’s surprise gift and new friend and I do have a small place in my heart for him. I’m surprised to report that Obi is a fantastic addition to life these past two weeks. Getting him and surprising Seth, along with getting his sister for my cousin, is a fond memory in my mind that I’ll never forget. I guess it’s good to embrace the uncertain aspects of life (even when they’re tiny cute creatures).


One thought on “enter ‘the pup’

  1. aaaah oh my wordy what a precious pup! Seriously. I might have to make a beeline up to you guys and see him myself. 😉

    And Neeley, your design is absolutely beautiful! I am SUCH a fan. seriously. fantastico, dear. 🙂

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