it’s running through my veins


Years can flash before me so fast.

I know I talk a lot about memories. Maybe more than normal.

But I remember so much.

Colors. Certain things people said. Outfits worn. Rooms that I remember to be larger than they are.

Every experience I’ve been through, no matter the size, still runs through my veins.

Everything you whisper and scream or swallow and breathe find a way into your heart whether you like it or not.

Slowly, overtime, these things spread from your heart a bit but stay in your bloodstream.

Which, of course, is a part of you always. Unless you bleed (but that’s another story).

Your blood is a part of you. So is your life.

More recent times, they lay close to your heart. Some drift with time but there are few that never leave your heart.

So on nights like this, when past years flash before me like they’re happening now. I feel the breeze again, I hear voices again. I just feel again. I realize somethings never leave, they’re always be running through my veins and ready to be re-awakened with every beat of my heart.

Everything will return to this beating heart.


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