sun-soaked mountain adventures

You know those days when the blue sky swallows you up and you feel so small in a world that is almost too big and beautiful to bear?

On such days: I’m thankful for running and ‘frolicking’ through wild fields, for car rides with the valley air, for the bunches of deer (and bears) on the side of the road, for freezing cold lakes and singing songs, for messy hair with flowers in it, for picnics in the car, for making a bouquet in my empty cream soda bottle, and for the mountains that hold all of that.

Most of all, I adore my friends, our inside jokes, and laughing over the little things in those sun-soaked mountain adventures.


3 thoughts on “sun-soaked mountain adventures

  1. Mmmm … in my (honest & humble) opinion, those are the BEST kind of adventures 🙂

    Not ready for summer to end! ::sigh::

    pea ess, your pictures are lovely 🙂 I can almost feel the warmth of the sun through them! Ahhh, makes me happy ::grin::

    Enjoy the Fall season! *clinks coffee cup to yours*

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