35 dollars to get back home

‘It was easy yesterday’,
She said,
It was,
And you’d believe her

All of nineteen years,
But a childhood on her back,
35 dollars in her pocket,
A place ticket to DC,
Forever to get her home

She came here chasing him,
But who would have guessed,
That he left all too soon?
Or not a family left to help at all?
She learned what lonely was fast

They take care of her,
Two homeless dream-catchers,
‘She needs us’ they say,
But she just shakes her head,
How far is the airport really?

‘Tell me who you used to be,’
They ask,
But she can’t. Not really,
Inside her is the true story,
How hopeful went to homeless in a heartbeat

She’s got stories too deep,
Knit into her heart and flesh,
But the city knows her tale,
It’s heard it many times before,
(We all need city in us to understand)

This girl hears the sound of humanity,
Whispered through the city streets,
And a reflection of the American Dream,
Shines like rainy pavement on her eyes,
I hear the song, through her

I saw her standing there tonight,
Hungry as a fool is,
Bought her food in exchange,
For the story I write here,
How somewhere went to nowhere

She isn’t a nobody though,
She’ll tell you that,
How all she has is 35 dollars to get home,
And you’ll believe her


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