every summer has had a story

Every summer has a story.

Summer 2011, the summer when God found me, the season of me breaking out of my shell, the  year where everything seemed new, and the time of finding a whole new world in the place I had always been.

Summer 2012, the lessons of radical change, a constant adventure from west to east (and back again), months to watch chains lock tight and then be broken, a path (step by step) of climbing mountains, and experiencing more than I could ask or think.

And here we are: Summer 2013. It’s hard to say what I’ll take from this summer. So many things already and so many things to come. But so far, it’s been the most beautiful time – plenty of summer nights of that ‘forever and infinite’ feel. It’s been crammed full, including tons of road-trip to Nashville, to Georgia, and to Georgia again.  Yet also, it’s been harder. I guess every summer means getting older and finding out who you are, which isn’t always easy at the time (but it’s oh-so worth it in the end).

But I have a feeling that when it’s all over, I’ll say this summer was the best bridge yet crossed. Somethings been in this summer air that’s played my heart-strings. There’s a different look to the mountains from my car window. Every song seems to be singing a new song. It is a roller coaster, but i’m learning to enjoy the ride – because it always ends with us better off.


3 thoughts on “every summer has had a story

  1. ”Somethings been in this summer air that’s played my heart-strings.”
    Neeley, i love this a lot. Summer is the best time of the year!

    Oh, and I had to delete my email and blog account because of a bad case of spam and couldn’t find your email. could you send it to me? my email is natalie.artiste@gmail.com

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