a place called nostalgia



Somewhere in the city of Sopot, a little store lies called Nostalgia. Looking back, It truly belongs there in the heart of that little city. It speaks for every building, every piece of pavement, every piece of sand on the beach, and every beat of my heart when I remember.

I remember the tears she cried in my arms, letting me comfort her by love not by the words we couldn’t share. I see the peace of the lake that night, when the sunset seemed not in the sky but in our hearts. I hear the sound of the city streets that night when I realized so much; when my heart was thrown and broken for the world. I feel the rain pouring down the last day. Every walk and every outing is still clear in my memory. The lessons learned and the love of Jesus experienced is still fresh. The times and memories of just feeling more boldly and fully alive than ever before are as clear as yesterday. Every joke still brings a grin to my face. Still the stories make my soul awake and sing hallelujah. I hold onto my changed heart and everything that was  a part of this transformation.

Soon, I can go back. I can walk those streets, not feeling nostalgic, but feeling fully alive in the old and new memories. The piece of me I left there will once more be whole. Yet when I leave once more, I’ll leave it back. It belongs there. That city will always be a part of me. For it, I shall always be nostalgic.

It’s been a year today since we left and it’s also two weeks until we leave to go again. My heart is so full.



One thought on “a place called nostalgia

  1. Wow. Poland looks wonderful and sounds like a life-changing experience. I’m so happy that you get to go back again, Neeley!
    (and really, Nostalgia is the greatest name for a store ever).

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