the best is yet to come

Maybe it’s the escapes and solitude or the fact the golden days seem to be forever, but summer changes me. It makes me think, because our stories seem like rain beating down on windows.  My ears learn to listen deeper, to understand the world’s songs and hear their messages as new. Exciting dreams and reality’s cause me to anticipate, with tickets at my feet and everyone toasting to adventure. These nights that seem to last forever cause my heart to soar, full of waiting and becoming.

So many days and so many new beautiful thoughts find me on the perk of happiness more than ever. But throughout all this summer revival in my mind, I find myself on the edge so many times. I sink back into winters of fear, anger, and sadness. But one thing has remained. For the words have been said a million times, but they now are clear to me more than ever before: the best is yet to come.


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