Transfer | Day 3

I. The Worship


II. The Seaside Beauty

III. The Memories

Monday: Our last real day that wasn’t spent in a van. The Supreme pleasure of hearing C.J. Mahaney, Kevin DeYoung, and Sinclair Furgeson. Early morning devotions. Pizza Dinner from our Youth Pastor. Crazy beautiful memories.  I am still in awe, soaking in all the experiences, missing those times, being so blessed and thankful to being apart of Sovereign Grace. Mostly I’ve just been aware of  and so amazed by what the Lord has done. While I didn’t have great expectations because of everything changing in our youth group, God showed his truth again. As John Kitchen once said, “God never asks us to forsake one thing without asking us to embrace something much better.” Transfer was amazing; it was a lift from our roots but it placed in a place that none of us could fathom.

To Him, the one true God, be all the Glory forever and ever!


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