to Josh

IMG_7979Really, I don’t know where to begin. This kid is seventeen today, which is crazy. He’s not only my big brother, but he’s my best friend.

Josh inspires me in every way. He’s mature and is a man of God. There is not many who are as ‘deep’ as him in thoughts. Wisdom is a true gift; he always does the right thing even if means he doesn’t get attention or approval from his peers. He’s passionate about literature and film. God’s given him a musical ear and he’s conquered the guitar. Every year, he reads and re-reads books.

He’s the bomb when it comes to siblings. He stops school in the middle of the day some days to play with Seth or to come into my room and tell me a screenplay idea or some crazy information he thinks I’d like to hear.


Most of my favorite memories are with him: Having puppet shows that lasted for hours. Creating our own universe in our rooms with stuffed animals. Watching the same cartoons over and over–we can still quote some all the way through today. Me forcing him to play Narnia outside. Staying up way past our bedtimes making up stories in our beds. Writing our own little fun books about our favorite things. Playing in rental cars and Nashville hotel rooms. Running through sprinklers and spraying each other in the face with the hose with no mercy. Playing Disney Monopoly, in which he always wins…except for once. Adventuring everywhere together, including our first mission trip. Walking through the Hogwarts at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter five times. Reading books aloud. Having long conversations about cinematography. Geeking out and getting chills over movie trailers. Doing movie character impressions late at night. Sleeping under the stars in Colorado. Laughing about nothing, yet having everything in out hearts. Walking through different cities together, talking. Camping in the backyard, praying together.

Happy Birthday, Josh. Despite all the disagreements we may have had, your my favorite. You’ve been a rock to me. I’m a girl with a wandering mind and honestly you’ve always told me the truth. Even when it’s hurt me, it’s set my feet back on the ground. Thanks for always being there, always making me laugh, always talking things through with me, and always being my rock. I love you.


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