sixteen things before sixteen


To start this off, I’m wonderful at making goals and horrible at keeping them. But I want this year to look different. I really want to run free faster this year and really dig in deep. So without any further introduction  here is my adventure list of  the sixteen things I want to do before I become all “old’ and sixteen 😉

1. Learn to play the guitar + work harder on the piano.

2. Have a Disney movie marathon.

3. Do Nanowrimo this November (gulp, I’m finally going to do it people!).

4. Make a short film with my bro.

5. Shoot or second shoot a wedding.

6. Finish my sophomore year strong/spend more time working hard on school.

7. Publish something in some print-a poem, story, or sentence. Completed July 8th.

8. Buy a Polaroid.

9. Stargaze more.

10. Hike more, camp more, canoe more, fish more.

11. Sleep overnight in a hammock under the stars.

12. Edit through my book, create a sort of final draft.

13. Sew a quilt.

14. Perfect my bread-making skills. Completed June.

15. Read books daily.

16. Write about all of the above.


3 thoughts on “sixteen things before sixteen

  1. Lovely 16 list, dear!!
    Ahhh but I can’t believe you call 16 ‘old!! What does that make me?!?! haha;)


    Happy early birthday! ❤ You're a blessing to many.

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