celebrating today

For the past week, I’ve been in one of those “I want to freeze life like this forever and forever” moods. I want to treasure and celebrate the “today” I live everyday. So I’ve been keeping the camera close and trying to capture the life moments real and raw. So this is a day in my life, recorded by pictures from morning to evening.

IMG_7594ii. Mornings are never fun.

IMG_7600ii. Those spoken of mornings are turned around by blessed devotions.

IMG_7604 iii. I try to be creative sometimes.

IMG_7605 iv. School is pretty much my life these days.

IMG_7606v. Music and lessons are always wonderfully there, but I’ve had a greater desire to work harder at it lately (hopefully they’ll be more time this summer).

IMG_7634 IMG_7644 vi.Self-portraits crack me up, especially when they’re of myself (go cheese).

IMG_7652 IMG_7658vii. short and long car rides are what makes me through the day, plus doing school wherever always rules.

IMG_7661IMG_7707IMG_7674IMG_7716 IMG_7717viii. the world is my beautiful canvas and my feet shall never grow tired of capturing it’s wonders.

IMG_7732 IMG_7734 ix. my blinds fell off the other day on top of me, making my bleed and laugh (and I had an open window for a few days).

IMG_7580IMG_7583x. cards and listening to Mumford and Sons with my brother.

Oh, these are the good days. Even boring school days have reasons to celebrate.


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