Easter + Sweet Trust











This Easter was another beautiful Easter in the mountains. My Easter memories are tucked away in memories of rain, escaping away to the streams, and running down gravel lanes and through grassy fields. This year was the same, with a drizzle of light rain making it beautiful (rain is beautiful) spring weather that makes you want to sing. I always want to remember sitting and listening to the rain on Easter.

Throughout the years of Easter memories, the stronger Jesus and truth has become to me. The more I run free through life, I am learning more of how sweet rest in Jesus truly is. Every year, I am learning more of the darkest day at Calvary and the infinite day of the resurrection.

During this Easter weekend, the hymn ’tis so sweet to trust in Jesus has been on repeat in my head.  The story behind this hymn is one of my favorites.  Louisa Stead, the writer, had the experience of having to watch her husband drown in attempt to rescue a boy on a picnic. Then, she and her young daughter were left with absolutely nothing. During these times of complete suffering, she wrote this hymn. She later went to Africa to serve as a missionary til her dying breath. Often, I feel like my greatest moments of trust are when things work out and I can see the faithfulness of God. But Louisa wrote her hymn of simply resting in His word, while recently widowed and having nothing. It stings me. It strengthens my faith tremendously. This Easter, I was sitting by the stream, the song in my head, thinking of my own future. I want trust in Jesus to also be my anthem, and even the largest of struggles not to affect my desire to ‘take up my cross and follow Him.’ And I have confidence He will bring me through.

Hope you all had a beautiful Easter! It was finished at the Cross!


2 thoughts on “Easter + Sweet Trust

  1. oh my word, I had no idea of the story behind “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” (also one of my favourite hymns). The meaning of that song is so much more impacting now.

    Looks like you had a wonderful Easter!

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