pieces of a tennessee march






I wish there’s were more March-like months in the world. Enchantments like watching the world turn from a long winter into a new start, eating and spending more time outdoors, Summer anticipation rising from inside our hearts as plans and ideas unfold are irreplaceable. Then, there’s the firsts of the warm weather like my first sunburn, my first day in flip-flops, and my first watermelon of the year.

Life’s been so very sweet this past March with dream’s taking forms. I’m finally writing the story that’s been pressed on my heart for a few years into a book. My photography goals are expanding and slowly being reached. I’m closer and more in love with Jesus than I ever previously even dreamed. So in one gorgeous new chapter of life, it’s been a new season in my soul, too.

There should be more Springs, both in nature in our souls. We all are desperate for change and new awakening inside.


4 thoughts on “pieces of a tennessee march

  1. little jealous of the weather up there (you guys are in short sleeves, here we’re bundled up in sweaters when it’s SUPPOSED to be spring).
    But nonetheless, March is a wonderful month.

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