roots run deeper



The past week has been so very full of joy. I am learning, slowly but sweetly, more of my salvation. I can say I am truly more in love with my Savior more than I ever was. He is so very good. Slowly, but beautifully, I am learning more of His nature and more of His glory.

The hymn, It is Well With my Soul, has been playing non-stop in my ears the past few days. It speaks the truth I am seeking to live. To always be at absolute peace in my soul. For what reason do I have to fear? At every moment, God is real and is overseeing the world. There is no circumstance that should mean my soul is not well in Christ.

temptation is real. Struggle and heartbreak exist. I tend to sink into a mindset of doubt and a mindset of despair. I can be impatient. I can say all the wrong words. My thoughts can wander away to pain and hate. But God’s roots run deeper than that. His roots rip deep into my soul. For, I am confident in the truth of the Gospel which tells the beautiful story of how I, along with all sinners who trust in him, have been crucified with Christ on the cross. Therefore, the truth of Romans 8 is my life. Nothing can separate me from Christ Jesus. None of that despair, none of that doubt, none of that sin. For my life is in Christ.

Something that has truly started this fire and peace in my soul is waking up every mornings and preaching to myself that I need Jesus desperately every morning. Everyday, I live not for myself but through Christ who lives in me. Everyday, I am completely lost without this truth.

The Christian life is very hard and I know it’s only going to get more and more hard as I am faced with trials to come. But, I am rooted completely in Christ. So despite how difficult is may be, God is always perfect and it is always well with my soul. Then one day, I shall see my Savior face to face and this difficult journey will be no more.

Although everyday of life will not be free from sin, today I can rejoice because I know God’s roots run deeper. It is so well with my soul.


One thought on “roots run deeper

  1. Neeley, your beautiful words are such an encouragement to me. Somehow, it was exactly what I needed to read. Thank you! 🙂

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