Just Love Them


There he was, snuggled up in my bed. I was falling asleep, he was watching his movie. Even though it was really late, he wanted my lantern on so of course I let him. I still remember little parts of my childhood like that and I want him to remember, too.

The thing is and I’m young and not a parent yet so maybe I’ll understand someday, but as a sister I don’t get strict parents. As Seth’s older sister (and my parents agree with me), I’m really laid back with him because I think that’s whats important. In a few years, it won’t matter that Seth went to bed every night early. It will matter that he had memories of lanterns and late night cartoons and sleepovers with me. It won’t matter if he had the perfect organic food everyday. It will matter he had ice cream on summer nights and memories of Icee’s on Sundays. It won’t matter if he got dressed well everyday. It will matter he had those days Mom let him dress himself (even in public) and those pajama and dress-up days. It won’t matter if the house is clean everyday. It matters that he had experiences building forts and Lego cities across the floor. Clothes, bedtime, food, and all these other things are important. But it’s even more important to love the children in your life and make memories with them. Those are the precious memories they’ll remember. Everyday, it doesn’t matter that I have a book-perfect childhood, it mattered that parents just loved me with every bit of their soul. I desire to do the same with Seth and one day my own kids.

He’s already growing up so much. He’s been calling me Nee instead of Sissy lately, he’ll be in school in the fall, and the other night when I snapped the photo above he told me he was allergic to photos. That’s why I don’t want to take a second for granted, and I’m going to let there be those lantern nights because that’s what really matters. Whatever you do as a sister or parent, don’t try to stick to the rules. Just love them.


2 thoughts on “Just Love Them

  1. Ohmygoodness Neeley this made me want to cry–so sweet! And I completely agree. Seth is the sweetest little guy, and you are a wonderful sister to him! “Nee”. GAAH.

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