February in Pictures


Since the beginning of my time, February has been my least favorite month. Something about how it’s just stuck in the middle of a long winter makes me crazy.

Did this February prove to be any different?

No. Of course not.


Of course, it wasn’t a too terrible month. I hung out with friends. I laughed. I enjoyed this month.


I took lots of photos and discovered my goals as a photographer in a way.


I celebrated Valentine’s day, which I have learned to neither dread or love.


I read this month, which is overall a good thing.


I spent time with this pair of eyes.


I spent a night in a hotel and other things such happened.


I spent time with family and I spent time happy.


It was a good month indeed.


But it wasn’t glamarous. I honestly feel if it was an unproductive month. Because somedays in February I would just stare at my journal and ask myself why words would not come. Or I’d crawl into bed at night, my thoughts drifting between dreams and truth, and I’d stress.


That was my February. Slowly going by.

But somehow in those slow months I discovered more about my passions and what I want to do with my life right now, which is extremely exciting. I’m ready for some new adventures.

So now it’s March. This month I want to start embracing. I want to write all the time, pulling my brain apart to find ideas. I want to live with a healthly fear of dying every day. I want to cross new bridges and scare myself in order to do hard things for God. I want to love and I want to be fearless. I want to give up every part of my life in order I may find it. All that to say, I have a knowing feeling March is going to be an awesome piece of chapter 2013 in my life.

Farwell February. You won’t be missed.


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