To Run Free




My life goal to simply run free in the glory of Christ. No chains holding me back.

Somedays, this is real. My head is spinning in a million happy ways and nothing seems wrong. Other days, it’s different. A strange bitterness and numbness fills my heart. The chains grip me, which I don’t understand. I realize my sin is gone. I do repent. And I am forgiven. So why should I not feel like running? It’s guilt. The chains are gone…but I’m still holding on. I’ve always struggled with guilt and it’s so often held me back from fully embracing and running free in the fact I am, indeed, a saint.

The other day this struggle of mine was especially hurting. I went to The Word and prayed God would lead me to something to help. Somehow, I found myself reading about David. It was the scene where Nathan comes to David’s house with a word from God. His message was  this: And Nathan said to David, “The LORD also has put away your sin; you shall not die” (2 Samuel 12:13). This truly broke me. Now, David had just committed adultery. Then, he had committed murder. God’s message to him, through Nathan, wasn’t that He was going to die. His message was “God’s forgiven you. Wait, no. He didn’t just forgive you–he put away your sin. It doesn’t exist anymore in His eyes!”

I found myself with unspeakable joy after reading this. God forgives–and puts away–every sin of His children. Running free isn’t just having joy in the goodtimes…it’s having joy all the time. It’s having joy because my sin is gone! And it’s realizing I don’t have to let go, because he already did.

In this truth, I run free.



One thought on “To Run Free

  1. I feel this way all the time, just as you’ve described it! Some days, I can love sacrificially and think before I speak and ultimately, bring glory to my Saviour, but somedays, my tongue speaks to quickly and I’m selfish and proud.
    This is really encouraging, darling!
    love you!

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