on love


To begin, I am not a fan of blogging on my love. Actually, I hate it. I don’t enjoy it and I have no experience on it whatsoever. Everything I’ve tried to write sounds cheesy or judgemental but because it’s only Valentine’s day once a year I forced myself to publish this little ramble.

I could tell you about my rules for relationships someday or I could tell you about how the lies about love in the Christian culture make my head hurt. Instead I’ll say this: when it comes to love (or anything), teenage girls over think everything. These are wonderful years to cherish the fact were single and grow in the Lord. No, that doesn’t mean you might have feelings, because every single girl does. And I firmly belive there is nothing wrong with girls feeling those feelings and thinking those thoughts. Just don’t let those feelings get in the way of who we are now, since we can’t really do anything with those feelings. Instead of focusing on relationships now, focus on strengthening friendships with boys and girls. We’re way to young to be in any sort of relationship, therefore take this time to hang out in groups and have fun. These are golden years as we are all single and we should treasure that. 

C.S. Lewis (the boss of quotes) once wrote that “Though our feelings come and go, God’s love for us does not.” This is my message for all human beings today. Our feelings will come and go, change, and be confusing but God always loves us with infinite love. That love is enough for me always.

Happy Valentines day, folks. Go enjoy this cheesy holiday, listen to love songs, and think happy thoughts.



4 thoughts on “on love

  1. This was a great post! *So* many girls today stress & worry about boyfriends, love, romance, relationships, etc. a little to much these days. There’s nothing wrong with feelings, but if we let those feelings rule our thoughts and our attitudes towards others it can be unhealthy.

    And, yes, :: high five ::, C.S. Lewis *surely* is the boss of quotes! 🙂 :: grin ::

  2. hmm. I like this. so many people get caught up in the “singles awareness day” stuff that I just want to shout at them NO. being single is a GREAT thing for now. so yeah. well said. 🙂

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