The Untold Stories


So many stories haven’t been written. So many lives haven’t been born. So many history books are to be written. There are so many untold stories. My soul aches to look upon the lives of those gone who never told their stories to paper. What about the spies in wars who swore to never tell their stories? And the men who died in cells, with despair and lost hope still on their lips never to be told.

It frightens me already that I may die and never tell the stories that press upon my heart every night or my own life stories I am learning to read every day. Right now I’m an untold story.

We’re still figuring life out right now. We’re teenagers in a trap of immaturity and a daily identity crisis. We’ve got so many lessons to learn, so many paths to take, so many people to meet, so many choices to make, so many mistakes to mess up, so many tears to cry, and so many moments left to change history. Our stories are just in the prologue, they might haven’t even begun yet. We still have a whole chunk of life to live. As teenagers, were all untold stories.

But we won’t always be an untold story. One day we’ll have a love story to write, we’ll have the stories of the adventures we took, and we’ll have so many beautiful memoirs to add the shelves of our hearts. Then as take our dying breath, whenever that may be, we’ll be ending our story here. All that will be left of us is the stories we wrote or told. We’ll write ‘the end’.  But it is really only the beginning of The Story, isn’t it?

In all, I want to always write my life story. I always want to tell people things that happen. It matters more than we could imagine. Because one day, when we’re in the splendor of the King, all that will be left of us here will be our stories. I want to leave my story here, whether it’s my grandchildren remembering what I tell them, or my books for people to buy and read. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but every life is a beautiful story. Every single life has mistakes we can learn from and courage we take upon our own backs.

I don’t want to be another untold story.


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