Stand Still



We run, we run away from problems, we run from love, we run from pain. I tend to run from facing reality in my mind, and write all my issues down and let them be gone. When something hurts, I run from those thoughts in my mind. I push it away.

We run to some place all alone. We run away to have adventures, we dream of happily ever after, we think travel will complete our souls. But it all seems so lonely. We miss the beautiful. We miss certain times. We miss happy things in our past. We miss loving things, people, and moments. It hurts, but missing something wonderful is a good kind of hurt. It hurts because it was beautiful. But one day we’ll look back on today and miss it, too.

We run, because we want to remember. We try to run to new memories, we try to fast forward to times we think shall bring happiness. We run, because we want to run to the next mountain, create the next dream, and we run because the next thing always seems the greatest thing.

I think all this running gets too far too fast. I look back and realize January is almost gone because I ran through it. Yet I think we should for once stop running. For a few months, I’ve been thinking about all this and trying to form it into words. I think I finally understand.

We should stand still.

We should be content. We should live fully alive in now, always. We should treasure things, we should learn through rough times and good times, we should play music and savor our sweet Jesus. We should stand still, and not try to run ahead. We should let this moment take us over.

Life’s going to be hard, but it’s a fight worth fighting. Don’t run away from it. Stand it. If something hurts, don’t push away the pain. God has recently taught me the fact he sometimes breaks my heart and ruins my plans in order I might grow in faith or my heart may be more like His. Why would I try to run from something like this?

Another reason to stop running? When we go too fast, we miss those moments that change our souls. The Romantic Poets called them “time spots.” Randy Alcorn called them previews of eternity. When life takes your breath away. I have so many: the Colorado stars shining over my head and being so clear, that one night on the steps of a building in G’dansk at night when I just clearly knew God’s will for me was missions, seeing the New York skyline from a plane window at night, the last night at Advance, seeing a sunrise over the Smokies via a plane, dancing in the Christmas lights and snow in December, singing around the campfire in different languages but to the same mighty God, and so many more. Running through life means less snippets of eternity. Less moments when we realize how small we are, but how great God is.

Please stop rushing. Stop missing the point. Come to reality, live in it, breathe in it, and be fully alive. It’s going to be hard, but it’s so short and I never want to miss a moment. Time is so precious. Don’t just have a ticket stub from your train ride, have memories broken into every part of you. Pain is part of life, so don’t hide from it. It will only mold us into who we were created to be. Just Come.

“Will you come with me to the mountains? It will hurt at first, until your feet are hardened. Reality is harsh to the feet of shadows. But will you come?” – C.S. Lewis


2 thoughts on “Stand Still

  1. Neeley, you are such a darling. this is so true and helps me so much during the trials I face. Even though life is painful, hard, and sometimes excruciating, the beauty of it is when you can trace God’s loving care and sovereign hand throughout it all. He makes it beautiful in the pain.

    (by the way, you’re an awesome writer. Just in case you didn’t know. 🙂

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