There Are Far Better Things Ahead







It’s winter, a season of solitude.  As I walk past the trees and plants, so lifeless…I long for spring. I long for change. As I see the coldness and the world dead, I have never wished to see the world alive so much. So often my heart feels the same way. I love quiet, but in the cold it seems so dead and lifeless and I long for a spring of change and revial. The past week has been slightly difficult, nothing major, but something I’ve been praying for a very long time has seemed even farther from coming true. So easily these circumstances can break me. Yet the truth has been pressed on my soul during this pain. He never forsakes us, even in the longest winters. In the smallest and largest of trials, God is calling us to have faith.  There are far better things ahead than we ever left behind. As the bible promised, althought at the time we might meet trials of various kind for just a little while…there are far better things ahead in the promise of eternity from this world of suffering. With promise, winter doesn’t seem half bad. The longer spent in the darkness, only makes the light more beautiful in the future. God gives us the promise things will be better and all things will work together for his good.

So in the quiet, I realize I was never so alive. Because I live on a promise of a glorious future, even if this winter seems it shall last forever.


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