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‘And when Jesus heard it, he said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.”’ -Mark 2:17

In November, I took on the task of reading Les Miserables all the way through. I feel in love with the story. I’d grown up listening to the soundtrack, but the book gave me something the music had never had. It was a story of redemption, love, sacrifice, and overall it was a story of mercy of God.

In seeing the movie, I was taken away. I was scared the new movie would downplay the whole redemption thing but instead they highlighted in ways the book couldn’t even. It was fantastic! It gives you the chills. It makes you cry (I didn’t cry as much as I thought, since I was completely just in too much shock of the awesomeness to cry). Yet hidden beneath the awesome actors, heart-wrenching and tragically gorgeous music, and well-done cinematography, is a story of God’s mercy on the very ‘miserable ones’ of in The French Revolution.

Les Miserables isn’t your typical movie. It’s horrifying at times, but shows that  Jesus came to save the miserable ones.

As Mark 2:17 said, Jesus came to save the sick and the sinners. The misery of the suffering in this story is the bright shining light of God’s forgiveness. The cast of this movie aren’t your normal movie “heroes.” You have Jean Valjean, the convict, who is a thief. You have Fantine, the girl who once lived a fine life to now live a life of brokeness to save her poor daughter. You have Eponine, the girl who was rejected by her parents and died saving the man she loved but he never ‘saw her there.’ These are people of true misery.

When a bishop shows forgiveness to Jean Valjean, He later gives his life to Christ and is forgiven. He saves Fantine and devotes himself to Cosette’s care and learns to love her. It is clear, it is only the love of Christ that would give him this love.

I think everyone was moved by I Dreamed A Dream in this movie. Anne Hathaway sang it with so much power, my heart just aches and I defiantly teared up. Even though her life was a thousand-times more terrible than mine, I think we all can relate to those words. We all have dreams. With all those dreams, we have those moments when we realize, “But there are some dreams that cannot be.” Yet, it reminds that in this life, there will be suffering. The Gospel promises that we will meet trials of various kinds. Yet beyond, there is a heavenly joy calling us. Beyond this suffering, is eternity where there are no more tears.

The whole world needs to see this movie. If you haven’t, you should. It is the most beautiful portrayal of God’s mercy in Hollywood I have ever seen.

To God be all the glory!


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