I’ve Got My Heart Set On What Happens Next













Above are just a few pictures of this incredible adventure that was 2012. In a few days, it’ll be 2013 and life will go on as it did before. Normally at the end of the year, I feel the same I did at the beginning. But this year, if I look back and think of this time last year, I realized 2o12 truly changed me. In a good way.

This has truly been the best, most amazing, year of my life. To say otherwise would be to lie. In some ways, it’s clear to see why it is…I went on a million adventures, several trips, and did millions of things. In a way, it’s more than that. This year wasn’t just full of adventures, it was one big adventure. It wasn’t always pretty. I’ve felt broken and embarrassed beyond words this year. I’ve felt farsickness and homesickness. I’ve cried. I’ve doubted. It’s been hard. Yet that is part of the adventure. It all was a chapter. Despite the rough moments, it was the most beautiful adventure in the universe.

It would begin with a cold winter in my soul, it would bloom into a spring of hope. This summer was the high time of my life. Fall brought change with the change of the world. And as this winter comes around, there is peace.

The greatest part of this adventure was defiantly Poland. Yeah, I a lot about that. But anyone whose gone on a mission trip like that understands. Those things transform us. There’s so much to tell from my trip but one of the most impacting moments was one that happened before and after we even got there. It was when I was in the airplane to DC when I saw a beautiful sunset. I was in the last plane home, when I saw a sunset just like the other. I felt this was God’s way of saying this trip is over but I was faithful at the beginning and I am still this faithful. On the way to our trip last week, I saw a sunrise going in. I was not feeling very well that morning and this sunrise took my breath away.It reminded me God was faithful and is dawning a new year of faithfulness, too.

God met me this year. He taught me so much about Him and about the Gospel, which is truth I shall carry for eternity. This was the year that I truly felt Him calling me to missions. He ignited the spark of faith in my soul. I am so excited the rest of forever shall be spent growing in my relationship with Him.

I can’t go back to how it was. Sitting on the steps of a building in Poland. Starring out at Poland for the first time. Stargazing in Colorado. Nights alone on the beach balcony in March. Moments under the stars this Thanksgiving. Those moments at Advance of change and revival. Our recent trip, fireworks, and family bonding. Plane rides at night, listening to nostalgia songs and watching the city lights below. And the little things too–the things make us laugh so hard we ache, the conversations that mean the world to us, the songs that we relate to perfectly, the moments that could not happen more perfect, the dreams of dreams, and so much more. I can’t go back. But I don’t think I would. There are far better things ahead than we ever left behind and I’m ready to believe that. I have my heart set on what will happen next in 2013. And it will be wonderful, I’m sure. Even though the date is an uneven number, which is hard to look at after a perfect date like 2012…

So here’s to 2013. Please be as fantastic.



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