Joyeux Noël








It’s Christmas! Oh there is so much joy!

Christmas is a time of memories. One of my favorites this year come from the photos above. It was a night on our vacation we saw all these lights and were able to dance in the snow they were blowing down. Some of my other favorite memories are of course Christmas morning and our annual sleeping by the tree, which is going to happen tonight (first night we’ve actually done it on Christmas!).

Every year I am reminded just how lovely Christmas is. It’s beautiful the way the lights shine in the cold. It’s beautiful the way the familiar songs play. It’s beautiful as we make new family memories. It’s beautiful as we watch old  movies together on December nights. It’s beautiful to read the good ol’ Christmas stories again. It’s beautiful to see my little brother having so much joy in the little things.  It’s beautiful how Jesus Christ reveals the joy of Himself more to me each year. Most of all, its beautiful Jesus was born so I might be born again.

Happy Christmas (or Joyeux Noël in France), all. May He receive all the glory!

I’ve been gone on vacation and celebrating with my family and haven’t been able to write much, but except many posts coming in the new year!


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