This December














Tis the season of Bokeh, friend and family gatherings, and nostalgia.

I’ve also realized December is half-way through just about. I will never be adjusted to how quick time passes when I just really don’t want it to.

So far this December has been wonderous. Tonight I finally get to see the Hobbit after years of waiting…and at midnight, too. And Saturday we leave for Vacation. Even without those things, I’ve really enjoyed this month so far, as it’s been full of adventures. This December has been made of tree-finding, extra morning time to read my bible, warm cocoa and tea, being sick, finals finally over, laughing hard because life is entertaining, movie watching with my family, anticipating next year and missing last things, writing bits and pieces, making goals for next year, going to Christmas parties and concerts, quoting with my brother, reading (though I’m having trouble reading anything since reading Les Mis. It was just that good…), snuggling with my little brother while watching holiday shows, our last day of co-op (and our annual, slightly failed swing dance party), truly dreaming of a white Christmas, living through 12-12-12, joking about the end of the world, and listening to Christmas music constantly.

If there was anything December was supposed to be, this is it. Peace and happiness. Celebrating the coming of Christ to earth and awaiting His second coming. Family time. Wrapped all up with so much joy.


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