To my Dad

Today is my Dad’s birthday. And I’d like to just say that he is my hero. I have spent almost every adventure in my life with him. He’s given me wisdom. Despite the fact I mess up every single day, my Dad is forgiving and quick to correct me. No one spends more time pouring out hours upon hours of their life for me. He works two jobs, but his first job is home. He is leader, who is calm and has the peace of God in his heart.God has truly blessed me with a truly amazing father.

There are so many times, I regret not just thanking him for everything he’s done and taken for granted this man God’s blessed me with. So here, I thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you’ve done, Dad. You’ve corrected me. You’ve taught me. You’ve blessed me when I don’t deserve it. You’ve loved me. You’ve stood be me. You’ve taught me to laugh. You’ve taught me to stand firm. I would not be the girl I am today if it was not for. Again–thank you! God has blessed me with a Dad like him.

Happy Birthday!!!!


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