What This Season Means to Me

I’ve always desperately loved Christmas time. There is something about the magic that hangs in the air and the joy within our hearts.

This is a season of nights not wanting to sleep because the moonlight is pouring through the window, it’s of laughing so hard you cannot breathe, it’s of being slightly sick but well in your soul, it’s a season of warm drinks and wonderful food, it’s of concerts and carols, it’s of realizing just how much you love those things in your life, it’s of finals and finishing up school work, it’s of family movie nights, it’s of reading through old journals of Christmas pasts, it’s of watching a younger sibling see the enchantments of the season for the very first time, it’s one of writing songs and short stories, it’s of missing people, it’s of missing old bis of yourself, it’s of many pictures, and it’s a season of making memories.

This is a season of memories. Our family decorated our Christmas tree yesterday and it brought back so many Christmas times past. In our house, every ornament is a memory. Some are old handmade ornaments, some are ones we collected from trips, and some are precious gifts. It’s a symbol of how Christmas really is–a collection of memories, and precious gifts. Christmas is really when we take the time to look back upon the year that past, and see just how much Christ did and just how much he will continue to do. God has done so much this year I cannot even begin to start without crying. It’s also a season of remembering people who are no longer here, which can be hard fo many people. Thankfully my life has been one spared of much sorrow.

This is a season of wonder. As I long back upon what’s happened this year, I am amazed. I had so idea life could be like this hurricane of 2012. What’s 2013 going to hold? What new shores and adventures will be taken? What bumpy roads of sorrow will I have to take? What tears will I cry? Who will stick by my side? What will I become?

Sometimes it can be a season of fear, too. I realize its half way through this year of school. I realize time is passing way too quickly. When this school year started, for many reasons, I want to treasure this year and it’s all been passing too quickly.

This is a season of peace in Christ. This year, God has been revealing me just how much Christmas is a time of peace. It was his timing to send Jesus to the earth on that silent night. It’s one beautiful story of just how much God loves us. Tonight, we went to an Andrew Peterson concert and the whole time I just felt God speaking into my heart. He was telling me just how this is the most beautiful story of all time. It’s a story that might have involved fear for Mary and Joseph or confusement for others…but they were all just pieces of a puzzle God was building. This puzzle is the Gospel. Every man who ever lived has been a part of this great story. I am also part of the people who were saved from the sins of the world. I am learning everyday just how amazing this story is to live.

This is a season that is centered around my Savior, Christ Jesus. And it’s the most beautiful time that ever was.


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