november 22nd

The family was there, the food was wonderful, the kids were many, the lighting was beyond perfect, the laughter hard, and the memories forever. Thanksgiving with my family is always an event worth coming too.

This year, we went our cousin’s farm. It’s away from the world and the sky is perfect for stargazing at night. So when everything had died down, I escaped. I looked at the stars. And I was able to sit there, with millions of stars above me, and just give thanks to God. This year has truly been the best year of my entire life. And there is so much to give thanks for. It was one of those moments just so perfect you can’t explain it. Pictures just can’t do it. Words only scratch the surface. It’s beautiful. It’s magic. It’s raw. It changes you in some way. For a second, it’s everything to you. And it’s all just a memory now. It was just wonderful. That was probably my favorite of all thanksgiving memories.

Hope all had the best of all Thanksgivings and are having the happiest of all Christmas seasons!


3 thoughts on “november 22nd

  1. Wow. These pictures took my breath away! Beautiful, Neeley– the photos, the words, your wonderful love for God that overflows into everything you write.

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