Fall Nights

It’s november, when the world is beginning to fade away to winter. Dusk and nighttime this time of year are the very best. The tree’s have about lost all their leaves, leaving a mix of bare branches and the last bright fall leaves. The moon lies low in the sky and the stars are clear to see. It turns dark so fast, which leaves more time for campfires and exploring the sky at night. Campfires are my absolute favorite…there is something about warming up beside one, the taste of fire-roasted food, and the smell of the fire in your hair. Warm drinks like cider, hot tea, and coffee are perfect during this cold weather. I love this period of change from one season to the next. It’s perfect.

So here’s to the last fall nights before December comes, and here’s to the most beautiful time of year.


4 thoughts on “Fall Nights

  1. Me-oh-my, me thinks your photography improves with every post! I adore every photo. Campfires are the best things in the world, especially when accompanied by smores.
    Have a lovely thanksgiving, friend!

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