Can I start by saying God is awesome?

Three years ago, God used a pastor named Mark Altrogge on a retreat to really change me. I don’t believe that was when God saved me, but it started a spark in my soul that would grow over the next year until one year later God rescued me from my sin. It was during that retreat, three years back, I started to break out of my unsocial shy shell. I’ve always been thankful for that retreat and still use quotes from it in my daily life. Tonight at youth group, I was able to hear Mr. Altrogge again. Hearing Him tonight reminded me of hearing him three years ago and how much God has done since then. I am so thankful for my awesome God and the youth group and pastors He’s used to bless me in this journey!

Also the Sermon hit spot on to some struggles I’ve always dealt with and some things I’ve been recently praying about.

My goal at the beginning of this month was that God would ignite me. That he would set me on fire with the Holy Spirit and change me in some areas I have realized need work. And I believe tonight, only two days after I prayed he would ignite me, God did just that. He made me aware of the depth of my sin and the greatness of Jesus Christ stronger than ever before. He’s made me thankful.

I cannot wait to see all the wonderful things God has in store for my life. He is so good.


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