Seeing in Black and White

I was sitting outside, reading. The fall breeze was coming in perfectly. I couldn’t help feeling that strangely beautiful feeling that comes at times when life is nice. It’s a sort of feeling of perfection, when nothing seems wrong but everything seems right. I’ve felt it so many times in life. For example, the time I was sitting on the porch of the beach house listening to music, the early morning walks I would take in September, sitting on the edge of the river in Colorado, camping under the beautiful stars and seeing shooting stars, sitting on the steps of a building in Gdansk at night wishing that moment would never end, or the last night of our youth retreat. It’s like you feel a happy moment in the adventure of life. One you want to bottle up and capture for eternity and live in for the rest of your days. But the thing is, life is always that beautiful. I guess it just takes us a moment to step away, alone, and realize just exactly how beautiful every moment is.

I sort of compare it to black and white photos. Look at the photos above. One is perfectly absent of color, while the other one is bursting with it. The two photos were taken within seconds of each other. You see the same view, but it looks so different in color compared to black and white. I feel like we walk through every single day in color, with so many distractions and so many things to get in our minds. And then we have these moments, when we stand back and look at life in black and white, taking everything away but the feeling left. But the truth is? It’s always there. We just fail to see the beauty every second of the day.

I’m a black and white  photo girl and love the extraction of the color, giving the emotions and light a real feeling. You can get down to the memory and nothing else. You can get down to simply life. And I think life has it’s moment’s like that. When you don’t care about the color. All you feel is the rough memory you are living.

Last May, we spent a day at the park with some friends (trust me, this goes with my first thought) and we all took this personality test that one person had brought. I prove to be an INFP, which the description actually fits me perfect (in every way. It’s scary). One of the things it said was that an INFP’s main goal in life was “ to find out their meaning in life.” I suppose this sums me up quite well. I do sit around think of  the meaning of my life. But I for sure of my place in this life. It is to be Follower of Christ. I don’t need to doubt that. My reason for this adventure? Him. And I think he’s given us the ability to have black-and-white moments in life. These moments are his way of giving us peace through the storm of life. Because many of these moments are the moments when I find myself crying out to Him and finding perfect peace. And these moments are glimpses of the eternity ahead of me, in which every moment will be this beautiful.

Life is filled with black-and-white moments given by Him. Isn’t it a nice thought that we’ll have a beautiful paradise with him, filled with forever glorious moments. But they will bursting with endless colors beyond our imgination.

What are some black and white moments in your life?


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