Every Life is Beautiful

I love reading History. It’s the remains of what was and the things of the past that were amazing enough to be remembered, and the people whose stories became known to the world. It’s amazing to hear every little story of hard work, trials, and overcoming. But, you know what? Every life has a story. It begins that moment when your born, and grows every moment you live. Then, when you die all is left is your name and the story you lived.

Sometimes I wonder about all the stories that weren’t grand enough to be in History. I wonder about all the names on tombstones. I wonder about all the people in photographs. All those people lived a life. All those people had feelings. All those people loved someone. All those people lived for something. So many people die everyday, who all lived a life of hard work and loving others, but we don’t know them all. Plenty of grand lives are lived, but not remembered. Plenty of stories end and begin every hour.

While not every life is grand enough to be in History, they still lived a story. Maybe they didn’t invent the telephone, maybe they didn’t change the world, maybe they didn’t go to Hollywood. Yet they still lived a story. And their story is a part of everyone they knew’s story. It doesn’t seem fair not everyone is placed in History books, but I guess that’s the way it goes.

One day, I guess I’ll just be another name on a tombstone. I’ll be remembered through my children, and photographs, and hopefully my writing. But eventually, whether I’m in history or simply remain unknown, I’ll be simply a story one day.

In conclusion of this ramble, many people live amazing lives everyday. While not all make history, I guess it’s our job to remember people.

Oh and guess what? God sees everybody. He sees the good and bad of us. He Because this world and its history will one day be a thing of the past, but those in His kingdom reign with Him for eternity. I don’t think I’ll be a figure you’ll study in history one day (nor do I ever want to be) but one day I’ll be in the kingdom of God forever.

Every life is beautiful, not just the ones that made a difference, when you live for Christ.


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