September’s End

At last, the ninth month of two-thousand-twelve has just about ended. I wrote of September at the beginning of the month, “It’s an awkward in between month  in which fall seems so close you can touch it, but the summer still lingers.” Well Summer’s had it last hurrah and  Autumn wrapped the world in its fold.

September was a good one. I wrote and started working on a book that’s been in my head for two years. I watched Fireworks in the pouring rain. I cooked rolls that ended up as biscuits. I photographed my brother. I watched UT as they painfully lost and barely won. I did a lot of school. I re-discovered just how much I adore cities. I got all nostalgic and completely have been in a Christmas mood the entire month. But mostly, the Lord drew me in this month…

I have literally never felt so passionately in love with Him. Through books, through verses, and through songs He’s opened my eyes to new depths of this love. I’ve had some tough moments, but I’ve learned everything is loss compared to Christ Jesus.

This October my goal is to savor. I want to enjoy every minute of the fall. I want to read, photograph, and write. I want to remember things dear to me. Mostly, I want to create new memories. I want to learn more about my Savior this month than ever. In all, I want to waste not a second and just savor every moment of my life.

Yes, It’s September’s end. But an end just brings us to a new beginning. The beginning of a new month. A new story. A new chapter. A new battlefield. And really…it’s a new means of grace.


2 thoughts on “September’s End

  1. Beautiful. Everything in this seemed so relevant and familiar and really resounded with me! This September was one of nearness with my Savior, as well– and my goal for October is to just lose myself in His beauty and to savor the beauty of the things He has been so gracious as to give me! xo

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