Come And Die

One thing has been pressing down on my mind the past few days. And that is what exactly a successful life is.

I mean, who doesn’t want to live a life full of success?

Having a successful career is what people call a good life I guess. Changing the world in some way is most people’s goal.

Yet another thing I’ve learned is success is a thing of this world and it will not last.

If we use our lives to fight for the things of this world, we will win the ultimate things of this world–nothing.

Yet if we instead live to fight for things that are greater, we will win that which is greater. What we live for, we die for.

What is success as a Christian? First off, no life is wasted if lived for Jesus. But as a Christian, we’re called to not just be changed, but live a life of complete surrender.

As Bonhoffer said, “When Christ calls a man, He bid him come and die.”

When we are saved, we die to this world. So why life for a world we are dead to? Instead should we not live for a God who is forever?

Christ has called to us to know we are dead to this world and now follow him.

I want to be a missionary. Sometimes I think of the thousands of things I’ll miss if I leave one day. But again I tell myself, I will miss absolutely nothing if I devote my life to the greatest treasure.

Risking our lives for the sake of the gospel is nothing, for again we are dead to this world. Nothing of this world can hurt our souls. The only thing we lose when we surrender everything to advancement of the world, is things of this world that will all die away. And if God calls me to die for the sake of the Gospel, let me! I have already died to this world, so what do I lose by death? Nothing but the ultimate goal of being with Christ. The greatest thing that can happen to a missionary is death.

Finally, success is JESUS CHRIST! Nothing we can do is anything. He paid the price. I live a life that is not just Christ-centered but is Christ. Because He is perfect, He will never fail. And if I am united in Him, I am blameless and can never fail. I will sin, but that’s the whole point of the cross–I am a sinner now free!

Together for His name, let us live a life of surrender with His success, for the sake of the Gospel.

“The gospel is so valuable that no risk is unreasonable. Life is gained by laying it down for the gospel. If I live, I win and get to keep on preaching Christ. If I die, I win bigger by going directly to be with Christ…”
―    David Sitton


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