An Existence to Worship

“I have but one candle of life to burn, and I would rather
burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with
light” — John Keith Falconer

What is life? It’s the story we are helping writing. It’s the handmade craft of a creator. It’s the thing we corrupted by our own sin. It’s the finite being that leads to ultimate death. It’s temporary; It’s not worth living for.

But life in Christ is the beautiful undeserved gift of salvation. It’s the escape of the chains. For the Christian, life is an existence to worship. It’s an existence to proclaim  to the light what the Lord has revealed to us in the dark. It’s something not just  worth living for, but fighting for.

Life is  when God gave His son to pay for our sins, because He loves us. Life is the empty tomb on Easter Morning. Life is the faith He did what He did. Life is knowing whatever we do God still looks as us and sees His beloved son. Life is that Christ knew we would be sinners and continue to sin, but He died anyway. Life is the beautiful promise of eternity where the pain is just a memory.

Life is the hope Christ died when we were still sinners and He is alive!

Every single day, people die without this reason. Every single day people are slaves to sin. Everyday people don’t know about Christ. Everyday people live for a world that is temporary. In our existence to proclaim, we are to tell these people there is hope in this darkness.

In the Christ Culture, but we hear so much about the details and the people–The relationships, the people’s views, the performance, and all the other small things people care about. These are things of this world that will die away. What alone matters is Christ is risen! Many modern churches seem to just forget it’s not about the people, it’s about the cross. We let people’s sin get in the way of our view of Christ, but that’s why Christ came–to save us from Sin. In Christ, there is no more sin. We are free.

God owns our soul, so why are we to be afraid of anything? Nothing on this earth can damage our souls. That is why I want to use this life to proclaim.I want to share what God has done to me and what He can do to others. No one of this earth can damage my soul. If it takes my life to share this news, still no one can take me away from Christ. He owns my soul.

I am not sure where the Lord will lead me in my journey to proclaim, but I am certain He will lead me wherever He wills. In our life in Christ, we are not just to let our candles burn in the light, but show their light to the darkness.

True life is the eternity He promises. True life is the hope of the Gospel. True life is the Cross. True life is Christ. And by the grace of God, we are washed with the Blood and given this life. It’s about me being a sinner wrapped in a thousand chains and  now able to say my sin is no more. That is something worth fighting for; something worth proclaiming to the rooftops.

“Why should anyone hear the gospel twice before everyone has heard it once? – Oswald J. Smith


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