This is Relay…Sorta

This is Relay…well, sorta. I can’t capture all the epicness in a few pictures.

To begin, I seriously have the best youth group ever. It’s gospel centered worship followed by a sermon that always hits spot on to the struggles of being a church kid. And of course we have the most awesome fellowship and crazy games. And the kids here play a whole lot of volleyball.

Ever since our youth retreat, Advance, in August, our youth group’s really advanced (haha…no pun intented….well maybe it was). It’s hard to describe but at Advance we all got truly filled with the Holy Spirit. We had a sort of wake-up to the Gospel and really made this faith reality. Our youth groups called Relay because it’s like passing the baton from parents to teen in faith and I feel like that’s almost what happened. Ever since, I’ve felt deeper connections to all the other teens. Mostly, I’ve gone into a deeper love for my Savior. This awakening was an anwser to many prayers of wanting more biblical fellowship and a more Christ-centered group that have been prayed for months. I had been longing for our youth group to take the next step.

God’s been faithful to give me a youth group so amazing. As my brother would say, “God is such a boss.”


One thought on “This is Relay…Sorta

  1. Wow it sure looks like you have a wonderful yuoth group that is really God centered! I’m hoping I can join one that will really encourage me someday…God will provide 😀 Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

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