This Infinite Beauty of Christ

This world is corrupted with lies of beauty. In the Christian culture, there are even lies about beauty. They tell you beauty is something we are. There’s the lie, “Everyone is beautiful.” The truth? The reason so many girls struggle with beauty is not because they aren’t beautiful it’s because they can’t grasp what beauty is.

We are not beautiful. We are a fallen race. We are corrupted in sin. Sin blinds us to think we can be beautiful. So we fight–we want and hope to be beautiful. We think make-up makes you pretty. But if this world would grasp the truth about beauty than we’d all walk out lives different.

Only Jesus Christ is beautiful. Only our Savior, naked hanging on Cross is true beauty. Only the hands with the scars from three nails is beautiful. True beauty is the blood shed. True beauty is the fact He holds our souls and that he died for us to be set free. True beauty is belief that He was the savior of the world. True beauty is the words is the throne in heaven we shall behold one day.

We are slaves to this world and we think that approval and world beauty will bring us joy. Yet it is not us but Him who is the beauty. Christ is infinite beauty, unlike these earthly bodies that will die and dissolve into nothing. Christ is beautiful forever.

He is beautiful, yet we’ve never seen His face. Beauty is not something we can see. Yet one day in Heaven we’ll see him face-to-face and see this beauty.

The only way we are beautiful is because we are a prism. We reflect this beauty because we are one in this Christ. Oh let our souls arise and behold and reflect this risen Christ!

The love we give to all. The forgiveness we give to others. The sharing of The Good News. When we do things this is when we reflect this divine love and this infinite beauty. Christ’s beauty is unmeasurably great.


4 thoughts on “This Infinite Beauty of Christ

  1. Gosh, what a perfectly beautiful post, Neeley! This is so true and encouraging. Christ is so beautiful, and He has made us beautiful by His blood. His mercy blows my mind!

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