And It Will Come

Yesterday, I felt autumn for the first time. Today, I felt summer again. I guess that’s just September. It’s an awkward in between month  in which fall seems so close you can touch it, but the summer still lingers. I do love summer, but I am so ready for the chilly weather, with the festivities of fall to come.

We went to the park today and I felt thrown back into summer days again. There is nothing in the world like laying in a hammock staring at the trees and pondering life. I swear I could sleep in a hammock every day night under the stars. That would be the life.

I’m honestly really looking forward this fall. Not a lot of big things are going on, so I’ve been devoting my free time to working on my book and focusing on Christ. Christ is really been working in my heart lately and almost been calling me to focus more on Him alone. Not the details, but only Christ Jesus and His infinite beauty. In Church today the words that kept coming to my heart was the lyrics of one of the songs we sang about The Cross, “It will always be enough.” Because The Cross will always be enough to satisfy. And that’s all I ever want to satisfy my soul.

Change in life and change in the seasons are both lingering at my finger tips. I’m almost anxious to see this next chapter come along. And I know, It will come.


3 thoughts on “And It Will Come

  1. “…The Cross will always be enough to satisfy.”

    Amen 😉

    Oh, and agreed on the September being a month that can’t make up its mind on whether to finally have fall start or stay in ‘summer mode’ for a little longer ;P

    Psalm 117

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