It Goes On

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”  -Robert Frost

My brother posted that quote on Facebook the other day and it sums up exactly how I feel. We can stop, we can give up. But life always goes on. We change, grow, and learn, but life will always keep going. Nothing can make the world stand still for even a second.

School is just getting into the thick of things. I had four classes at co-op today (I usually only have three but there was a reschedule), plus I’m an assistant for a younger writing class. After it all, I cam home and was plain tired (please don’t tell me everyday in college will be like that). Sometimes I wish  could throw all my schooling away but well…I’m only a freshman and I have a lot of school left in life. I wish it could all stop, but life goes on. It seems terrible today, but life goes on.

Sometimes I get the feeling that school doesn’t matter. I mean there are people that have never heard the Gospel and does all this Alegbra and Science really matter? But it’s where God wants me to be now. Everyday He has a reason why I’m here. It’s hard to understand, but I don’t want to understand. I want to trust my Savior. As much as I hate being a highschool student, there’s a reason for why I’m here now and I know that.

But whether he calls us to do our school and care for family or be in prison for the sake of the gospel, it will go on. Yesterday me and my friend Melanie were at lunch and she was saying she felt like  staying home and being with her family was ‘her mission’ right now.  I couldn’t agree more. Missions and serving God doesn’t mean always being on the mission field, it simply means doing His will and being a willing child that He can work in. I’ve always felt a calling to international missions, but I know my mission to be a student in Knoxville right now. While it seems so foggy at times, it always goes on and we are always doing God’s will for nothing happens on this earth he does not plan.

This Christian life is beautiful and it keeps getting better. We might be down, we might seem to stop but Christ never stops His faithfulness in our lives. Always He is the same to lead us, and to shape us. Sometimes we can’t see and the fog is so heavy but He is the same. We are just to believe no matter what. And wherever the Lord wants us, He will lead us.

For as this life goes on I will be lost. There will be confusion. I will feel like one person one day and another the next. I’ll mess up, I’ll fail. I’ll look an idiot before some. Pain and death will fill the floors of this home. I’ll doubt, I’ll not understand. Somedays will be filled with joy beyond words. Somedays I’ll have a bunch of dear friends. And there will be lonely days with not a friend in the world. Somedays I will be embarrassed and not tame my tongue. In all this I will ask myself, “who I am?” Yet through the storms of doubt and the shores of peace, I will always know I am His.

As this goes on, only one cry forms to my lips, “He must increase, but I must decrease…” (John 3:30)


One thought on “It Goes On

  1. Too true 🙂

    Thanks, Neeley, I always think I’ve finally learned the ‘life goes on’ mentality of tackling things one day(or, sometimes, hour) at a time, then I read something like this and realize I still have a ways to go . . . May the Lord continue to bless you 🙂

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