Reality is a Lovely Place

Sometimes in life you just want to run away in the fantasy we can create. I always have been a dreamer, full of wishful thinking and so quickly wanted to escape from this real world and into a place I can be alone. Yet God gave us this life to live. When life is beautiful and when life is ugly I’ve learned escaping is the worst thing to do. Instead I want to live this real life. Because in a moment it will all be just a memory. While it’s not always the way we might want it, reality is an amazing place filled with moments and people that create memories.

As much as I love to dream, all we have is reality. All we have is the real things here and now.

So instead of looking forward and dreaming of what could happen, all I want is to cherish the real things in life. The beauty of the world God created, the laughter and stories of the people God places in our lives, the beauty of silence and the thunder of music in our lives, the moments that we’ll remember forever. This is the beautiful reality we live in.

Reality can be dark, it can be painful, it can be full of change, it can be full of tears, it can be full of mistakes. Reality is this world ruined by sin. And it’s never perfect. But at the same time reality is Jesus Christ. Reality is the empty cross, the empty tomb. Reality is Christ died for sinner’s sake. This is the reality we live in.

Reality is all we have.


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