Treasuring the Time Given

You Know what? This is the day the Lord has made, so we will rejoice and be glad in it!

Even though that verse brings me back to forever bus rides in Poland, it’s pure truth. Truth I often neglect. Truth I need to learn.

I get sick of waiting for memories to happen sometimes. Everyday life gets me bored. I hate those “stay home all day” sort of weeks. I have to get out, go somewhere. Make something happen. I need something new and exciting to happen. I’m often too ‘busy’ to go to sleep. Life is so exciting…and I really don’t want to spend it bored. Days that nothing big happens I am unhappy.

Last night I was telling my dad this and he said, “Isn’t every day a gift from God?”

Yes, it is. It’s the day the Lord has made. And I need to rejoice. I must learn to rejoice. I must learn to want to rejoice.

Two things on this.

One, I need to learn to be content.

Two, let’s make memories. Because sometimes something as simple as doing your school work outside (If your homeschooled) makes a day.  Little things to make each day not so typical.

Also the anwser to bordem? Get things done. I’m learning tackling chores or doing something I’ve been putting off is a great way to spend a boring day. I want to make every day, every moment count. Because in 10 years I’ll regret spending bored hours browsing the internet when I could have been writing the next great novel.

I was young I used to think that living happy meant living to be old…and that people who died young lived un-accomplished lives. I used to think happiness was measured by your age, your predicaments, and your riches.

It’s taken me this long to realize that it isn’t what situation your in that determines your happiness. Your happiness comes out of what you do where you are. It’s what you do with the time given to you. Because as much suffering, as little money, and the short life I will have so easily can I dwell on circumstances and forget to truly live. It does not matter what is happening around me, it’s how I react.

As Gandalf once said, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

I’ve always looked to what was next. What next step I could climb. But now I’ve had to realize to dance in the rain, because rainbows do come eventually. I’ll still struggle with being content but  I’m learning  to find beauty in the darkness. To be happy in all circumstances whatever it may be.

Because in ten years I am not going to remember the dates and the circumstances, I’ll remember the happiness and I’ll remember the sadness. So now I wish to pour as much happiness as I can into these moments here.I’ll remember the little things: the words that were said, the slightest touches, the feelings of love in Christ. I’ll remember those moments when I ran around the room screaming in joy. I’ll remember the words the Lord spoke into my life. I’ll remember the moments that take my breath away.

So as hard as it is, I’m learning to treasure the time given from my Lord.

Because this is the day the Lord has made!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Treasuring the Time Given

  1. I soo needed to read this. (I’m catching up on reading blog posts since I was gone haha) .. Seriously just what I needed to hear.. Because I too struggle with being happy/content on stay-at-home days. Thank you for sharing!!!

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