The End of an Adventure

Our trip to Colorado, our last chapter of this summer’s grand adventure, has come to a close.

It was wonderful with the most beautiful skies, great family time, the rocky mountains, sleeping under the stars, adorable towns, and the lovely family wedding we went for.

That being said…

Summer’s over. I can’t believe it’s already August. Wasn’t it January yesterday? Half of me is ready to start school and is excited by the idea of new classes and new adventures. But the other half of me clings to this summer, which was quite the adventure of a lifetime…

There’s some moments I wish I could capture and relive. There are so many seconds I still smile about, so many tales to tell, so many feelings I still feel. There are so many places I’ve left with thousands of memories.  Moments like listening to songs by the river, every second of Poland, to sleeping under the Colorado sky, to the best Advance ever, to plain good times, have created the best summer of a lifetime.

As much as those memories we’re nice, the thing about this summer was how God truly made me aware of His glory. I am able to truly say it is well with my soul. Especially as I star gazed under the Colorado skies, I was overcome with just how amazing my God is. Sometimes life doesn’t make sense, sometimes–like this summer–it’s been plain beautiful but God leads down every road for a reason.

So I’m not going to call this end, it’s more of a beginning of the next chapter of my life.  It’s been a glorious summer, but I’m ready to go climb the next mountain God has in store.



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