Why “Run Free” ?

I remember the first time I ever “Ran Free” so many years ago. I was outside at my Grandma’s house and randomly running though her backyard. In no way am I good at running but it felt so good to just run with no cares in the world, the wind blowing through my hair. Then, I twisted my ankle. That night at dinner I was telling my family how nice it was to run free but sometimes in life…you twist your ankle. It became a thing for me from that moment…whenever there was room to run I’d run free with no cares on my mind.

As I have grown older running free is not just a thing I do, it’s a way I want to live. I want to run free in the freedom in Christ and the hope of the Gospel. That’s why I named my blog that.

The purpose of this blog is to just share some of my words, images, thoughts, and a bit of my story with you. I don’t know where that will lead but all roads start somewhere.




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